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Hello and welcome to my website! My name is Helen, and I am a hobby breeder of Mini Rex and Mini lop rabbits located in Wallasey on the Wirral near Liverpool, Merseyside.

I have had a love of rabbits all my life and I had my first pet rabbit at the age of 16. My dad would not let me have a rabbit until I was old enough to care for one myself and could afford it's care. So when I landed my first job one of my first purchases was a rabbit and my friend's dad built me a lovely hutch! One of my very first rabbits was called Columbo. He was a cross bred rabbit with Magpie markings. This is when I fell in love with Magpies!! I have kept many different breeds of rabbits over the years, Lionheads, Lops, English, Dutch and pet shop crosses. Unfortunately for me and my rabbits I was not aware of selective feeding and a lot of my rabbits had teeth malocclusion due to incorrect diet. I had to have their teeth filed under anaesthetic and some died after a few treatments. I was devastated but I had no idea that by letting my rabbits pick out all the tasty bits in their food I was causing harm. As soon as Burgess brought out a pellet only diet I switched to it and I had not had any problems since.

After a while of being rabbitless, I came across a local breeder selling Mini Rex! I fell in love with their velvet fur, and laid back personality. This is how I acquired my gorgeous Bluebuck! Then after a few months I decided I wanted to start breeding rabbits again but this time pedigree show bunnies. I decided that MINI REX was the breed I wanted to specialise in and started breeding again in Spring 2009 and we haven't looked back since. Luckily someone I knew was selling their Mini Rex breeding stock and so the rest is history. My first litter was so anticipated, then one morning in July a litter of 8 arrived. I was so excited!! Since then I have learnt more about genetics and which colours to pair up. This was a struggle at first but I soon become familiar with it all with the help of the internet!! One of my sons Joe is Autistic and he gets a lot of enjoyment from the rabbits! For Joe breeding is a learning experience and he loves it when the new litters are born. He gets so excited and wants to see them straight away!! My other son Matthew has ADD and is also very interested in the rabbits, his favourite job is when he gets to give our bunnies new toys!!I really enjoy keeping and breeding rabbits. It relaxes me and keeps me sane!! (Even though it is alot of work!!) I just love every one of my rabbits to bits, and it is really hard to let the babies go! But I have to as I cannot keep them all. (Even though I wish I could!)

ALL MY RABBITS ARE PETS and have names (not ear tags), and I breed only from suitable rabbits once or twice a year. Each rabbit is very much loved and cared for. My rabbits have large hutches and every one has toys in their cage. I endeavour to breed rabbits for temperament, health, handleability, fur quality and beautiful colour. My kittens are handled from birth to ensure maximum tameness. My breeding bunnies have been purchased from different breeders throughout the UK. This is to ensure my rabbits are totally unrelated thus making healthy, happy bundles of fluff!

You are more than welcome to visit me to see my rabbits without pressure to purchase. You can then see for yourself how friendly and HEALTHY my bunnies are! You can meet the parents, grand parents and sometimes great/great grand parents of your baby. I can also go through housing options, basic care and handling techniques if required. You also get a detailed care sheet to take home with you! My rabbits are not intensively bred and baby rabbits aren't always available.

My rabbits health and welfare are of utmost importance to me and I never hesitate to take any rabbit to my vet for treatment if the need arises. My Does are bred to a maximum of twice a year, once being more common!!

No profit is made from the sale of my kits. I breed purely as a hobby. Any monies received goes towards rabbit toys, vet bills, Excel food, water, Hutch disinfectant, Jeyes Fluid and Hay!

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