Elite Rabbit Stud

Baby bunnies ready now!!


Rabbits being social creatures prefer to be homed in pairs/groups. If you only want one rabbit a boy (buck) is a much better choice as does (girls) especially prefer company!!


My baby bunnies are very friendly. Raised as part of the family and used to all household noises! Used to (noisy!!) children, cats, dogs and my African Grey parrot George! My babies are very well handled and make excellent pets. Many people over look this rabbit breed as they are relatively new, but believe me if you take one home you won't be disappointed. Their gentle temperament and plush soft velvet fur never disappoints.

I RAISE MY BUNNIES ON EXCEL JUNIOR AND DWARF THE VERY BEST VET RECOMMENDED RABBIT FOOD, THE VERY BEST FEED QUALITY HAYS AND SCENTED DUST EXTRACTED SAWDUST. MY OVERHEADS ARE VERY HIGH AND I MAKE NO PROFIT AT ALL FROM RABBIT SALES. I WOULD BE LUCKY TO BREAK EVEN!! I BREED RABBITS PURELY FOR PLEASURE!! Rabbit breeding is definately not a business and my does & bucks are definately not over bred as they are my pets!! ALL BABIES ARE PET QUALITY UNLESS STATED SHOW QUALITY. Rabbits may have dis-coloured feet due to the dye and scent in the sawdust I use. My does are bred from 8 months old and then to a maximum of twice a year, once being more common.

I require a £10 non refundable deposit FOR EACH rabbit to secure. This is due to time wasters in the past. This can be paid via Bank transfer, cheque or in person with cash.

My bunnies are ALL HEALTHY and HAVE NEVER showed any sign of illness, Dental/Respiratory or Eye problems. Parents, Grand Parents and sometimes even Great/Great Grand Parents can be seen!!dont buy

All rabbits (unless reduced) come with a welcome pack!!

welcome pack rex