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Feedback and Happy in their new homes

I have many happy REPEAT customers

Sharon (a vet nurse) has come back to me several times, and now owns 4 of my rabbits!

A lovely neighbour of mine Val has now given some lucky rabbits a wonderful home!! She has told me not to let her see any more baby bunnies as she is running out of space in her garden!!

I have sold to many of the Doctors, Nurses and staff from our local hospital all through recommendation!! Alot of my baby rabbits are sold upon recommendation from their new owners to their friends, family and neighbours!!


Alfie - Blue Otter buck - Owned by Charece

Just wanted to say thank you for Alfie. He is an absolute star, he was so confident and friendly from the very first day and even the vet commented on how healthy and bold he is. He is definitely worth the 3hr drive and couldn't recommend you enough. I have included a photo of him doing one of his party tricks - standing on command!
Thank you!

alfie 03

alfie 01

alfie 02

Honey and Luna - Bew doe and V/M Fawn doe - Owned by Sarah & family

Hi Helen I just wanted to reassure you that Luna and Honey seem to be settling in really well so far. They are lovely natured bunnies and so gorgeous!
All of your rabbits are so well cared for and you do a wonderful job. It's a lot of hard work for you- even having just two takes time, but you quite obviously really enjoy it and love them all so much.
I have a large 6ft hutch for Luna and Honey with a ramp that allows access to a run underneath(which neither have been brave enough to try yet, but I'm sure they will get the hang of it!)
I also have a large separate run for them to go on the grass in, which they've been in for the first time today.
I will email you some pictures for you to see!

Thanks again Helen

Sarah and family

luna and honey

Topaz and Tito - Blue and Blue otter bucks owned by Jessica & Mark

Hi Helen,

Just updating you on our two mini Rex bucks we bought from you end of may, Topaz (blue otter) and Lapis Lazuli (pet name Tito) they're are beautiful and play lovely together in their run. They're growing so fast, shedding their baby fluff for their gorgeous soft Rex fur. Topaz is still the smallest although the cheekiest of the two, Tito is quieter and so placid. Thanks again. Mark and Jessica

tito and topaz

Holly and Jasmine - Harlequin and Blue otter does owned by Rachael

Hi Helen! 
Just wanted to say thanks so much for Allspice and Aquamarine, who we have renamed Holly and Jasmine! They are so sweet and friendly and they have the best personalities! I know you and your family put so much time and effort into bringing them up to be the lovely friendly bunnies that they are, and it really shows :) 
I've attached a pic of them enjoying their dinner in the kitchen, we bring them inside every now and again to have a hop around downstairs! They are pictured with Tammy the mini lop, she loves grooming their fur!

They have a 5 ft 2 tier hutch with a ramp between levels, and they have free run of the garden (supervised of course!) and the downstairs of our house when the weather isn't great. 
I'll keep you updated as they get bigger, just thought I'd let you know that they've settled in ok :)
Rachael & Liam xx

holly and jasmine

Bailey and Sherlock - Fawn and Broken Orange bucks - Owned by Karen and Rob

Hi Helen, its Karen, with my boyfriend Rob we bought 2 bunnies from one of your Christmas-time litters - 'Baileys' and 'Archers and Lemonade'. We wanted to send you a long overdue update on how they are doing and have attached pictures for you to see their progress from 8 week old bunnies to the 7 month old rabbits they are now. They have grown up so quickly but now couldn't imagine our lives without them.
Bailey and Sherlock, as we have re-named them, have remained indoor rabbits but we hopefully aim to allow them outside if the weather warms up. They have a large hutch in the kitchen, that we built ourselves, but have a run of most of the house when supervised. Their behaviour is a testament to the quality time and effort you put into raising them as babies- they have such a lovely temperament as they are quite shy and timid most of the time but can be quite boisterous, playful and very mischievous usually when it is just me and Rob around. I have even managed to get Bailey to do tricks for treats, such as doing a circle on the command word 'circle'...he's such a clever boy :)
Thanks ever so much,
Karen & Rob

bailey and sherlock

Willow - Chocolate Tortoiseshell doe - Owned by Sarah and family

Hi Helen! Thank you so much for our gorgeous new bunny Fudge (now Willow!) she is so beautiful and seems very happy in her new home..... Twitch (who we got from you previously) hopped over and nosed her straight away and they cuddled up together! Such a relief! Willow has hardly been put down since she arrived and has coped so well with all the attention! Thanks again, Sarah x


Bambi, Belle and Jazz Mini lop does - owned by Katherine and family.

Hi Helen

Happy New Year! So sorry to have left it so long before getting in touch, how are you and your lovely family? Hope you all had a lovely christmas.
The babies are doing fab, thanks to your great advice they are thriving. Will send you some pictures soon. Bambi is so soft, we call her mother hen, she grooms everything in sight haha, she even has a little toy rabbit she has as her baby, although i'm glad its just a toy cos when she cant be bothered with it she grabs it by the ear and flings it haha. Belle is princess pretty toes, she is our posh spice, she always sits and lies ever so lady like, she also grooms your forehead and nose, she started about a month ago, before that she was scared of her own shadow bless her. Well, what can i say about Jasmine aka Jazz, I should have known she was trouble when she was climbing across the windowsill at your house, she is so funny. But i love the bones of her, When she sits aswell she's not like the other two, who put their legs together, she just spreads out like a hulligan lol. They love the garden, charging and binkying everywhere so can't wait til the weathers better and they can get out more. They have been out a few times in the living room and around the bedrooms but need to get properly bunnyproofed this year, instead of barracading everything. I love the fact that they are in the house with us, they really are part of the family, they even had a stocking full of goodies from santa. They have settled in so well, they all come to the front of the run at 6pm every night for their rich tea off mike when he comes home. He has a whistle that he does when it's treat time aswell and when he does it no matter what they are doing, they stop, ears are up, it's relly funny.
Anyway sorry for babbling on, I have recommended you to everyone. I will send you an email soon with pictures for your website.
Thankyou for our additions, they bring us so much happiness
Speak soon
Katherine, Mike, Matthew and Becky xx

Holly - Black Tortoiseshell doe - Owned by Debbie and Georgia

Dear Helen,  just a note to thank you again for our gorgeous rabbit Holly. She has settled in so well with our previous two we brought from you.  It's fantastic to find a breeder that looks after their rabbits so well. Thanks to your love, care and attention that you give individually to each of your rabbits, we have found that once again our new rabbit is calm, loving and full of character, they are a real credit to you.  Thanks again to you and your lovely mum for making us so welcome and giving us some great advice.  We have recommended you to all our friends. Take care, Debbie and Georgia


Pumpkin and Petal - Orange & Tort does Owned by Wendy & Kayleigh

Hi Helen,
Sorry I have taken so long to let you know how the girls are settling in.
The girls are adorable they have very quickly become big part of the family we all fight for their attention ! They have had their jabs and we are having them spayed when they are the appropriate age we have covered for life insurance so hopefully it's all good .
Pumpkin has grown quite a bit and she is a big character in fact would go as far as to say she is crazy but very cute and petal is still tiny but very calm girl and think she is the boss pumpkin seems to give into her a lot, but they really love each other and are very cute when they groom each other.
They have been inside at night last couple of nights as v cold and seem to like the indoor cage so no worries what ever the weather they are happy.

Many thanks for our lovely girls,
Will be in touch again soon.
Wendy and Kayleigh.


Hi Helen
Hope you are well.
Thought I would give you an up date on the scallywags lol .
They are brilliant we love them so much and get so much pleasure from them they are really well pumpkin is definitely the crazy girl petal very calm sometimes but definitely the boss and pumpkin gives in to her all the time even though she is lot bigger than her.
Speak soon
Wendy Kayleigh  and the bunnies xxx

wendys babies

poppy and pumpkin

POppy and Pumpkin - Red & Orange does owned by Lynn and family

Dear Helen
Poppy and Pumpkin send their love. They have settled really well and are eating and binkying very well indeed!
They seem happy and really enjoy coming in for a run around the kitchen. The sofa is their favourite place. We're really loving having them around.

I'll send you some more photos as they grow. they are lovely bunnies, we're all in love with them, thank you so much.
All best wishes Lynn


Dear Helen
Just a note to say hello again and send a photo of the gorgeous girls!  Quite grown up now and moulting like mad at the moment. They have both had the strangest patterns of fur on their heads, Pumpkin currently has a round tuft of fur in the centre of her face, we are calling her Miss Cropcircle! Previously it was in the shape of an "M" so she was "bunny M" then!  It changes day to day depending on how much fur is shedding.
They are both really well and full of beans, recovered very well from their spaying op in January.
We love them to bits, they are a real delight, very soppy and affectionate and such different characters. Poppy is the bossy one, definitely dominant, and a real fidget when you pick her up. Pumpkin is the calmer one, very motherly, she licks Poppy to bits, and is a little more timid, although her binkying is spectacular.
We hope you are well and always keep an eye on your website to admire the new additions to the Elite family. 

We'll keep in touch.
All best wishes

Lynn and family and the girls.

poppy and pumpkin

poppy and pumpkin 2

Ellie and Bella - Blue and Blue otter does owned by Rob & family

Hi Helen,

Thought you may like to see how our two bunnies have grown over the year now they are one year old. We purchased them last Christmas (born on 26th October 2011).

The first picture was taken a few days after arrival and the other two taken today - quite a contrast. Coco & Crystal (renamed from Ellie & Bella) are both very well and seem to be thriving on all the attention they receive from my daughter and the rest of the family. They are both lively and inquisitive and very different characters considering they are sisters! Thanks & Regards


Ellie and Bella 2Ellie and BellaTigerlilly and Spice - Harlequin does owned by Eve

Hi Helen,

Thank you soooooooo much for Tigerlilly and Spice they are absolutely adorable!!!!!! They have just been for there injection and the vet said they were very brave!!!!!!!
We would also like to thank you for making them so friendly!!!!!! Every time we go up to the run they run over to ask to be stroked!!!!!!!
Thank you soooooo much,
Eve and family.
tigerlilly and spice

Dillon - Black Mini lop buck - Owned by Linda and Family

Just thought i would let you know how Dillon is settling in, as you can see this photo was taken on his second day, he has already taken over the house hold, he's very mischievous and has found every nook and cranny in the house and garden to squeeze into. We love him, and is already a part of the family.
Thank you so much for him, Helen.



Skippy - Blue Mini Rex buck - Owned by Cath

Dear Helen and family. Just a few lines to thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing a wonderful little guy into my life - id like you know as soon as he arrived and I took him gently out his box we bonded ...he's *so well adjusted * to *everything possible* and so laid back and happy and energetic ...you have all done such a brilliant job...he's a real credit to you, and your superb set up and care. He's just a darling in every way ...

Thank you so much for the wonderful "take out bag" you supplied the folder with all the work that went into that ..which I refer to ..his super certificate which is going to be wall mounted. He ate as soon as he came out the box ..dividing kibbles night and morning ..which he comes running for!! He will be always an indoor bunny ..and treated as part of the family ...

Thank you once again for a beautiful boy and a superb all rounder who I think looking at some other bunny peoples bunnies that your set up is *outstanding *

Please see attached photos of your baby and him enjoying his new home ...

Cath and family


Updated picture, thanks Cath.


Lilly - Blue Eyed White Mini Rex doe owned by Bethany

Hiya just wanted to message you to let you know vela has settled in realy well :) we named her lilly and she even comes running to us when we call her name ... shes very well behaved the only bunny who does not try to jump out the run we sat outside and gave her the run of the garden a few times and she loved it :) ... thanks


Evie and Pebbles - Blue and Blue Tuxedo does owned by Natalie and family

Hi. Just to let you know Persephone & Irene, now called Evie & Pebbles have both settled in well and love lots of attention......  They both seem to stick together looking out for each other and cleaning each other too !! 
Thank you also for the welcome pack which came in very handy.
Many thanks
Natalie xx

Pebbles and Evie

Barney - Tortoiseshell Otter buck - Owned by Karen and family

Hi Helen,
Just wanted to let you know that Barney (aka Mycroft!) has settled in well and is happy and healthy - there are some photos attached.
He loves to have a play and good run around in our shed which we clear out each day (weather permitting) and get in and play with him!

Pamela - Blue Tuxedo doe - Owned by Susy

Just to let you know we received Pamela as you named her all safe and sound the other day. She has settled in well and is a beautiful rabbit.  Thank you very much.
Regards Susy


Lucky - Blue Mini rex doe - Owned by Vicki and Brooke

Hi Helen and family,
Thank you so much for our gorgeous baby Lucky Blue! What a lovely girl she is.
I have recommended you to everyone I know, and I would never go anywhere else for another bunny.
We were so impressed at the standard of breeding, conditions and care of your rabbits we are now coming back to get 2 more!
I will forward some photos of Lucky soon!
Thanks so much
Vicki & Brooke
lucky 2

Gerrard - Magpie buck - owned by Steven


Saturn and Charlie Tuxedo Tortoiseshell and Broken Chinchilla Mini Rex bucks - Owned by Jenny

Hi Helen, Just a quick email to let you know how pleased we are with the two rabbits we bought from you 4 weeks ago. They are happy and heathy and just delightful. Lacy is very pleased with her bunnies and has called them Fluffy and Patch. Your rabbits are a real credit to you. Anyone can see how much you love them and how clean and well kept they are. Thanks and will keep in touch. Jen


Broken Chinchilla buck

Sooty and Oliver Opal and Sable Marten Mini rex bucks - Owned by Jan

Hi Helen, Just thought you might like to know that Oliver and Sooty have settled in brilliantly with us. They love their new home and seem to have grown bigger already, everyone comments about how beautiful their fur is! We thought Oliver was the boss because he was bigger and seemed more lively however we now think that Sooty is in charge because he seems to have Oliver at his beck and call!               Jan and family

Sooty and Oliver

Harley - Orange Mini rex buck - owned by Helen

Hi Helen,
Hope you are well?
It's Helen from Middlewich we had a baby off you on the 19th April. He was born on 22nd Feb 2012,
I have attached an updated photo of Harley, we changed his name from Barley :-).  You have a picture of him on your website when he first arrived to us so thought I'd send you a lovely one so you can see what a handsome rabbit he is.
Harley is such a lovely chap, he's so friendly always welcome of a cuddle and head rub.  Harley has the run of the garden most eveings, I would of sent you a shot while in the garden but he is never still so all pictures are blurred!
If I do ever get one when he's still I will send it over to you.
Rgds Helen



Herbie and Albie - two gorgeous Opal Mini Rex boys owned by Lauren

Herbie and Albie

Pebbles - Harlequin Mini lop doe owned by Kim

Oh Helen, thank you sooo much for Pebbles, she is so lovely. I went into the rabbit shed last night to turn the light off and she came running to see me! she's just lovely. The children are so delighted with her too.
Thank you sooooo much,
Kim x

Harlie doe

Rexy - Blue Mini Rex buck Owned by Lisa and family

Hi Helen, its Lisa, just to let you know he has settled in really well, he seems really happy, my daughter absolutely adores him. Shes named him Rexy. He is lovely. Many thanks. Lisa

blue 3

Charlie - Broken Black Mini lop buck owned by Bev and family.

Hi Helen. Just to let you know Charlie has settled in brilliantly and we're absolutely delighted with him! He's the best Xmas present ever, the boys said and they want to thankyou for making him so tame and friendly. Thanks again and Happy new year.

Lop buck 1

Hi Helen (and mum and boys) !!
Just wanted to say thankyou so much for all your help last weekend in finding a girlfriend for Charlie. She has settled in brilliantly and the romance has blossomed!! My boys are delighted with her!!
Hope everyone is healthy and happy!, take care, Bev.

Charlie's new girlfriend Millie!!


Jet and Merlin - Vienna marked Black and a Magpie Mini Rex bucks owned by Heidi

Hi Helen. Just wanted to say a huge thank you for Jet & Merlin. They are fantastic rabbits and settling in amazingly well, starting to see their personalitys coming out now and the cheeky side to them. Thanks again  Heidi x

Heidis rabbits

Hunter - Blue Mini Rex buck Owned by Alex

Hunter is literally the lovliest rabbit I've ever met! He was a surprise Christmas present and I'm so so pleased with him! I'll send you a photo the moment I can get him to sit still!!


Billy - Blue Otter Netherland dwarf buck owned by Phil.

Hi Helen thanks for saving the rabbit for me he has settled well in his new hutch and made friends with our little dog who goes up to the hutch, Billy {as he is called} comes out and they kiss will send you a photo when he is a little older thanks again and bye for now Phil.

hi helen just a pic of billy now he is 12 weeks old with his new friend harvey cheers phil

Billy and HarveyJoey - Chinchilla Mini Rex buck - Owned by Jamie and Charlotte

Hello Helen its Jamie and Charlotte here just letting you know the rabbit is doing fine and we have called him Joey, hes full of character and loves a morning snuggle in bed haha thankyou for the help. Your information has come in very useful, thank you and take care xx

Chinchilla buck