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The Velveeten ones!

Mini Rex rabbits are my favourite breed in the rabbit world and why I chose to specialise in them. They have to be seen and felt to be appreciated!! Their coat is plush soft and luxurious. The fur quality and density on them is amazing, so soft like velvet!! They hardly moult nor need brushing!! They are great for allergy sufferers. Rex rabbits are one of the most intelligent of all the rabbit breeds they can be litter trained and trained to do tricks!! They also have one of the best temperaments!! They make ideal FIRST pets for children OR adults due to their gentle placid nature.

Mini Rex are a relatively new breed of rabbit. They came about by crossing a standard Rex rabbit with a Netherland Dwarf. Rex rabbits were created by a mutation noticed in wild rabbits in France in the late 1800s. The mutation caused the fur to protrude outward rather than laying back and caused the guard hairs to shorten to the length of the undercoat. This produced the wonderful Rex fur we have today. They were domesticated and bred by King Albert of Belgium. Their fur was in great demand for trimming of garments, hats, muffs and mittens. For many years they were bred for fur and meat.

In the early 1980s an effort was made to produce a "Dwarf Rex", since Rex are considered a large breed. Rex does were bred to Netherland Dwarf bucks. After that, in 1984, using these "Dwarf Rex" offspring, the Mini-Rex breed was born. A castor mini rex was presented at the 1986 ARBA Convention and a working standard was approved.

By the 1987 ARBA Convention there were 15 varieties presented. The many colours of the Netherland Dwarf influence made it easy to breed for new colours.

Mini Rex Breed Standard

Ring Size B


1) Fur 40

2) Type 20

3) Colour and/or Markings 40

Total 100

The Mini Rex Rabbit is intended to be a standard Rex Rabbit in every way possible except in size. It should be judged to the general standard of the Rex in all its various colours with the exception of size, which shall be approximately half that of the Standard Rex.

1. Fur - To be approximately 1.27cm (1/2in) length. Fine silky texture, free from harshness and woolliness, intensely dense, smooth and level over the whole body, of a lustrous sheen, firm and plush-like character and devoid of projecting guard hairs.

2. Type - Well proportioned and graceful carriage with the body sloping gently up to well rounded quarters, set on strong hind legs. Medium bone. Head bold and broad, ears erect and to be in proportion to the body, dewlap should not be excessive, eyes and toenails should preferably match body colour.

3. Colour and/or markings - As for Standard Rex

Weight: Adults to weigh between 1.700-2.041kg (3.3/4- 4.1/2lb)

Under 5 months to weigh up to 1.700kg (3.3/4lb)

FAULTS: As for Standard Rex.

DISQUALIFICATIONS: As for Standard Rex, weights outside the limits above and any rabbit with Netherland Dwarf features.