Elite Rabbit Stud

My care & setup

My rabbits live in spacious 4ft and 5ft hutches or large indoor cages. They all have toys and have time out of their cages everyday (weather permitting). This is particularly important for baby rabbits as it builds up their cardio-vascular strength. Rabbits left in hutches all day without excercise have the propensity to have heart attacks. Our baby bunnies are well socialised by myself and my children they also run round the rooms with our small dogs, cats and my parrots!!

All my rabbits are pets and are treated as such.


Hutches are spot cleaned every 2 days (more often for mums with babies) and deep cleaned once weekly. Animal welfare legislation states that any waste must be removed from the hutch within 48 hours!! Rabbits depending on size can produce up to 360 dry droppings per day!!

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My rabbits are fed on Burgess Excel Junior and Dwarf food. I find this is the best food for rabbits and is readily available in most pet shops and online! My rabbits get fresh hay and water everyday. I do not feed any sort of fruit or root vegetable to my rabbits. My philosophy is that rabbits would not eat these foods in the wild so I stick to a natural diet of hay, weeds, greens, grass and pellets. I also use Carr's Entracare Aqua (Bums and Tums) in my rabbits water 3 - 4 times a week. I have been using Carr's additives for a couple of years now and have found them to be excellent. I feel it makes my bunnies healthier and stronger. It is an all herbal remedy, even going so far as to remove worms from the rabbits gut. Information on Carr's can be found on their website. http://www.naturalfeeds.co.uk/ My rabbits all are given toys and are given treats from time to time. My bunnies like mini shredded wheat, dry toasted brown bread, they also LOVE the occasional rich tea! The toys I use and have found the best are:- wooden garlands, natural wood chews, Jingle balls, wicker and seagrass balls, sisal carrots and cardboard tubes.

excel jr

bums and tums

In my rabbits hutches I use lavender or lemon scented sawdust and feed quality hays that are replenished daily. I use a pet safe disinfectant weekly to make the hutches smell nice and to get rid of germs!! I also clean my rabbit shed and patio once or twice weekly with Jeyes Fluid to stop the spread of germs. All new arrivals are subject to quarantine and worming to safeguard my existing rabbits safety.



Some of my litters are born indoors and some outdoors it will be stated clearly on my website and advert which bunnies are indoor! My 2 sons and myself handle our babies daily. I socialise my bunnies with as many new people as possible. This ensures you get a social well adjusted baby!!

Happy healthy babies!!

babies running

babies playing

babies running 02

babies munching

babies playing 02

babies playing 03

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